Prioritize your mental health and beat the winter blues

Chilly winter days are a time to indulge in comfort foods, binge-watch your favorite TV shows and spend time with friends and family. But they can also be difficult for people who struggle with mental health or seasonal depression. So it’s important to check in with yourself during this time of year – here are some tips to help you prioritize your mental health and beat the winter blues.

  • Make sure your expectations are realistic
    Ask yourself if you’re expecting too much from yourself or others. Then see how those expectations are making you feel. Are they helpful or hurtful?
  • Practice saying “no”
    You’re one person, and there’s only so much you can do each day. If you’re feeling stressed or overextended, it’s okay to say “no.”
  • Limit external sources of pressure
    Take a break from social media if seeing other people’s photos is causing you to engage in self-comparison. Instead, find winter activities to engage in like snowshoeing or catching up on your reading list.
  • Find time for fitness
    Staying active is great for your emotional and physical health all year round. Whether it’s a quick workout or an impromptu snowball fight, find small ways to stay active and get a serotonin boost.

If you’re feeling down, struggling with anxiety or need someone to talk to, meeting with Laborers Health & Wellness clinician can be a good place to start. They’ll help you figure out next steps that are tailored to your needs.

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