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Retire in Style with Generous Pension Benefits

Invested In Your Future

While you are employed by a signatory employer and performing covered laborers work, your employer contributes to a pension plan. The pension plan is a Defined Benefit pension plan. This means that upon your retirement, you will be paid a monthly benefit based on your age (your spouse’s age, if applicable, too), and years of service, for your lifetime.

You become fully vested in the pension plan once you earn five (5) Vesting Credits. To earn a Vesting Credit, you must work at least 870 Hours of Service in a Calendar Year.

The pension plan also has death and surviving spousal benefits. The security provided by the pension plan are a critical component of overall worker well-being and health.

To learn more about your pension, please refer to the Summary Plan Description. You can also find a
variety of other tools, including a Pension Estimator, via the Participant Edge website/app.

Through the contributions you make to the Health and Welfare Fund, the high quality health care you and your family receives within your clinics is completely covered.
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